Fayetteville, NC – Coker Men’s Tennis finished the weekend 1-1 after a 7-2 defeat at the hands of Methodist College. Despite some excellent individual performances, the Cobras were beaten by a very aggressive hitting team.

The Coker standouts were Tim Morton and Tyson Thompson who both played well in their respective singles victories. Morton was in top form as he reversed a previous loss to his opponent in the fall by beating him 6-1 6-1 with some inspired tennis. Tyson Thompson played a good match at 6 singles to earn a 6-3 7-5 victory.

Methodist set the tone early in doubles by hitting hard and going for their shots. It proved succesfull as numerous winners allowed them to take a 3-0 lead in to singles. The same pattern continued in singles as they earnt comfortable wins at 1 and 2 singles to earn the win.

The Cobras move to 3-7 for the season with the loss. The next match is Monday night at home against Shaw University.

Scores: Coker 2 Methodist 7

1 Doubles: Criscoe/Fletcher (Methodist) def. Byford/Grew (Coker) - 8-3

2 Doubles: Hardy/Miller (Methodist) def. Yager/Nash (Coker) – 8-4

3 Doubles: Layton/Siegel (Methodist) def. Morton/Thompson (Coker) – 8-3

1 Singles: Keith Criscoe (Methodist) def. Duncan Grew (Coker)– 6-3 6-2

2 Singles: Chris Fletcher (Methodist) def. Matt Byford (Coker) – 6-0 6-2

3 Singles: Tim Morton (Coker) def. Mike Layton (Methodist) – 6-1 6-1

4 Singles: Sam Miller (Methodist) def. Danny Nash (Coker) – 6-2 6-4

5 Singles: Matt Seigel (Methodist) def. Dustin Yager (Coker) – 6-3 6-1

6 Singles: Tyson Thompson (Coker) def. Addison Staples (Methodist) – 6-3 7-5