Two of a Kind- Coker's Two Sport Stars

Two of a Kind- Coker's Two Sport Stars

Coker College has 253 student-athletes patrolling the campus. None of them, however, epitomize the student-athlete label quite like Sarah Rountree and Katie McElveen. See, these two share an uncommon privilege not many get to experience in college – they are two-sport athletes.

Rountree and McElveen represent the only two dual-sport athletes at Coker. Rountree, a junior from Plantation, Fla., plays on the women’s soccer and softball teams; McElveen, a sophomore from Hartsville, rosters for softball and volleyball.

The two met in softball and are friends on and off the fields. The opportunity to play two sports is one of the main reasons each came to Coker.

Rountree, whose home in Florida is about 10 hours away, said she was looking to move far away for college. She was recruited to play soccer and then was contacted about doubling up in softball shortly after. The opportunity to do both and the athletic scholarship are what sealed the deal on her commitment to Coker.

“It was the idea of playing two sports that sold me,” said Rountree. “Since I am so far from home, it’s great that my parents are able to watch all of my games online, and I update them all the time.”

The choice was easy for McElveen. Her most difficult decision was having to choose one sport, and that was quickly erased with the opportunity at Coker.

“They told me I could do both, which was great because I love softball and volleyball the same and didn’t want to have to choose,” said McElveen, who majors in communication and minors in physical education. “I was definitely considering Coker since I am from Hartsville, but it definitely changed my opinion.”

Going to school around the corner from her family was another plus for McElveen.

“My whole family comes to all the games,” she said. “It’s like I have my own cheering section. I like it, though, because I’m a homebody, really. Sometimes it’s challenging over breaks because friends and teammates leave to go home and I live 10 minutes away. Every now and then I get the itch to go to a big city for a little while.”

Regardless of how each of them got to Coker, both girls say the situation has worked out well.
“I like it here because everyone knows each other. I’m not a number, I’m a name,” said Rountree, a physical education major with a concentration in sports management. “Plus, I like being away (from home). It was something different coming here. I was coming to a school where no one knew me, so I had to make new friends. It was a chance to start over, really.”

McElveen added, “I love it here. Even if I didn’t play two sports I would stay here because I love it so much. It’s been a great decision.”

When it comes to post-collegiate topics such as careers, neither is quite sure yet. Rountree says she might pursue the marketing side from her sports management concentration. McElveen said advertisement or sports media are possibilities.

Until then, they are representing Coker proudly, two sports at a time.

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