Coker College Athletic Hall of Fame Criteria

In order to be eligible to be a member of the Coker Athletics Hall of Fame a person must meet the following criteria:


The criteria to be eligible for the Coker College Athletics Hall of Fame:


  1. Must be a graduate of Coker College.
  2. Must have displayed a level of excellence in athletics at Coker College.
  3. Eligible for induction five years after graduation.
  1. Any current or former Coker College athletics coach or staff member who has served Coker a minimum of ten years.
  2. Must have made significant contributions to Coker College Athletics.  

Friend/Supporter of Coker College Athletics

  1. Must have made significant contributions to Coker College Athletics.

Special Achievement Award

  1. A person who participated in Coker Athletics and made notable achievements during and after his or her association with Coker, but does not meet the above criteria. 

Selection Process

  1. An employee, alumni, or friend of Coker College may nominate a candidate by using the online nomination form.
  2. The Hall of Fame Committee will determine if the candidate first meets the above stated criteria.
  3. There are no limits to the number of inductees in any given year.
  4. The Hall of Fame Committee will select a pool of candidates and will rank that pool with 1 being the top choice. 
  5. Candidates not selected in any given year will remain in the candidate pool for ten years.  After ten years, the candidate will need to be re-nominated. 
  6. Any candidate on the Hall of Fame Committee is eligible or nomination and induction, but may not participate in the selection process. 
  7. The committee recommendation will be forwarded to the President for final approval. 
  8. The Director of Athletics will contact the selected nominees to inform them of their induction

Nomination/Selection Deadline

  1. Nominations are accepted at anytime.  In order to be considered for the current year induction, nominations must be received by July 1 of the induction year.  (Note: Hall of Fame inductions occur in February of the next calendar year.)
  2. Induction ceremonies take place in conjunction with Homecoming in February of each year.

Hall of Fame Selection Committee

The hall of fame selection committee consists of six members.  Those include:

  1. Director of Athletics
  2. Athletics Gift Officer
  3. Sports Information Director
  4. Current or former faculty/staff member (1)  
  5. Coker Alumni (1)

The current/former faculty/staff member and the alumni member will serve three years terms.  The Director of Athletics will establish scheduled meeting times. 

To nominate someone you feel would be a reasonable candidate for the Coker Athletics Hall of Fame, download and fill out this nomination form: Hall of Fame Nomination form