Shaw Breaks Record at Conference Preview Meet

CONCORD, N.C. – Stephanie Shaw finished 18th overall, and set a new Coker school record in the 4k race by finishing with a time of 17:50.88. The women's cross country team finished in fifth place.

Naomi Watson also had an impact performance in the 4k event, finishing 18th overall and running the fourth best time in school history.  Cristina Vital finished the race in 19:12.18 for the Cobras, while Aneka Dixon earned a time of 22:28.52.  Devan Williams completed the race for Coker with a time of 27:40.23. 

Josh Peterson and Tom Sizeland led the Coker men's cross country team to a third place finish in the 5k event.  Peterson finished eighth overall, setting a pace of 17:03.37 while Sizeland finished ninth overall with a time of 17:15.14.  Dylan Bates also finished in the top fifteen with a time of 17:13.14, which was good enough for 11th overall.  Thad Sulek, Mikey Mazzola, and Cooper Lyon all finished in the top 25, with times of 19:58.75, 20:53.31, and 21:21.43.  Rounding out the race for the Cobras was Quinn Wenger and Emilio Trilla who finished with times of 22:42.48 and 24:02.88

The Coker Cross Country teams' next competition will take place on Friday, October 12 when they travel to Charlotte, N.C. to participate in the Royals Challenge.