Cobra Spotlight- Akeem Prendes, Men's Soccer

Cobra Spotlight- Akeem Prendes, Men's Soccer

The "Cobra Spotlight" is a weekly highlight of a student-athlete at Coker College. Each week we take a different athlete from a different sport and display some facets to get more familiar with them. This week we take a look at Akeem Prendes, a member of the men’s soccer team.

Name: Akeem Prendes

Sport: Men’s Soccer

Position: Center back

Hometown: Brampton, Ontario

Year: Senior

Major: Business Administration

Why did you choose Coker? Why didn’t you? I chose it because it had the type of program I was looking for, and a team that had an idea and direction so it was the best place for me.

What is your best memory at Coker (athletic related)? Goal against Limestone to win conference last year.

What is your best memory at Coker (non-athletic related)? Not even sure.

Which athletic team would you play on at Coker other than your own? Softball

Favorite class: Macro/Microeconomics

Favorite professor: Dr. Stevano by far

Plans after graduation: Wouldn’t you like to know.

Favorite movie: Rush Hour

Favorite type of music: Hip Hop

Favorite food: Chicken wings

Favorite sports team: Manchester United

Favorite color: Turquoise

Favorite TV show: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Most prized possession: My ring and dog tags

What is something people may not know about you? They may not know I started my own members’ only club.

Do you have a nickname? If so, how did you get it? I have a few, Keemy is used the most and it came from people hearing my family call me that and it just stuck.

One word that describes you: Delicious